image of Walt F.J. Goodridge Walt F.J. Goodridge is a Columbia University graduate (he holds B.S. in Civil Engineering) who walked away from his career to pursue his passion for writing and helping others. Now known as "the Passion Prophet," he is author of Turn Your Passion into Profit, over two dozen books, more than 300 articles and over 500 of his unique "life rhymes!" Walt writes several newsletters and blogs including the popular "Jamaican in China" nomadpreneur travel blog and manages over 120 domains and their associated social media pages (on FaceBook, Youtube, etc.), All of Walt's products and services are intended to offer information, inspiration and ideas to help others live true to themselves, turn their passion into profit, achieve freedom, function or simply have fun! It's all part of his personal mission statement and life purpose: "I share what I know, so that others may grow!" Here is an overview of the product series, passion projects and branded properties through which he achieves that mission (All graphics, banners, bookcovers and websites designed by Walt except where noted; all books and CDs published by "a company called W." [To learn his secret, attend an upcoming workshop | Download CV/Resume | View Amazon Author Page]
"Yes, you CAN turn your passion into profit!"
Featuring:Books, CDs, personality test, coaching

Hip Hop Entrepreneur™
"Turn your Hip Hop passion into profit!"
Featuring: Books, T-shirts, merchandise

Free Summer Concerts™
"Never miss another free concert ever again!"
Featuring: Free Summer event calendar, VIP access, T-Shirts, merchandise

"Saipan. The history and the mystery!"
[Walt is the featured tour guide for "America's Forgotten Colonies" documentary]

Featuring: High-end, personalized tours, Tour booklets, t-shirts, merchandise

We Love Saipan!™ (A passion project!)
Featuring: Testimonials

Saipan Writers™
"Saipan! More writers per square mile!"
Featuring: Workshop dates, success stories, Google group

Jamaican on Saipan™
"One man's escape from America, to live a nomadpreneur's dream!"
Featuring: Books

Saipan Living™
"Discover what it's like to live, work or retire
on the US Commonwealth islands of Saipan, Tinian & Rota!"

Featuring: Books, free information, consulting, relocation tours

Saipan Factory Girl™
"...a situation that should never have been allowed on American soil."-Angelo Villagomez, the Saipan Blogger
Featuring: Books

Best of Saipan™
"...a collection of all my sites about Saipan!
Featuring: Website links

Jamaican in China™
"Guess who's coming to dim sum!"
Featuring: Blog, books, Youtube channel

The Coffeepot Cookbook™
"Necessity is the mother of invention. Hunger is the father of ingenuity.
The Coffeepot Cookbook is their illegitimate love child!"

Featuring: Blog, books, Youtube channel

Life Rhymes™
"a unique form of inspiration"
Featuring: Free 9-year archive, Books

The Ageless Adept™
"Perfect health, long life and the fountain of youth."
Featuring: Books, Blog, Coaching, T-shirts, Instructional videoss

Kale Carnegie™
"The not-quite-ready-for-primetime health guru
and his failed health movement!"

Featuring: T-shirts, CD

"Don't wait for the history re-write. Make this a history WE write!"
Featuring:Books, merchandise

Obama Legacy Book™
"Don't wait for the history re-write. Make this a history WE write!"

"You think it. Now wear it!"
Featuring: T-shirts, merchandise

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